Fire Damage Photo Gallery


Garage with Severe Fire Damage

A fire started in a garage. The space was quickly set ablaze, and most of the items were turned into ash and rubble. Through advanced fire damage restoration methods, we were able to make this catastrophe in the garage look "Like it never even happened."

Insulation on floor

Restoring a Museum from Fire Damage

After an electrical fire started inside a museum, local firefighters quickly arrived to put it out. While none of the artifacts in the museum were damaged (thankfully!), the breezeway and ceiling were, requiring restoration and cleanup. We are glad we can help the museum become ready for visitors once again. 


Damaged Stairway

A fire in an Olney home left the stairs leading up to the main floor quite damaged. Soot covered the steps and surrounding areas. We were able to restore the stairway through processes including soot removal and deodorization.


Fire Damage Restoration Services

After a home in Montgomery County, Maryland caught on fire, we inspected and accessed the damage. Right after, we completed a board-up and tarp service to the areas which needed it. We then removed smoke and soot. After, we cleaned and repaired all damaged areas and restored the home!

Ash and soot

Cleanup and repair after a fire

The interior of a Rockville home was essentially left in ashes and soot after a house fire. We were able to come in a clean and repair the mess the fire left behind. 


Soot after a Fire

The bathroom of a Rockville house was completely covered in soot after an electrical fire took place in the home. We were able to deodorize the home of the smokey scent and both restore and replace the bathroom back to its sparkling, clean state.