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SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney named 2021 Small Business of the Year

9/2/2022 (Permalink)

logo of Rockville Chamber's Rockstar Awards SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney was recognized as the Rockville chamber's 2021 Small Business of the Year!

We are humbled and honored to have been named the 2021 Small Business of the Year by the newly-named Greater Rockville Chamber of Commerce. The recognition reinforces our continued commitment to provide swift, effective & compassionate service to our customers, who usually are under stress when they need us. We are equally committed to giving back to the community in which we live & work. THANK YOU to our clients and to the Rockville chamber. OneTeamWins! BeTheBest!

The Small Business of the Year Award recognizes a company that has been in business for at least five years with revenue under $5M. Specific criteria include: flexibility, innovation and has a proven unique business and marketing strategy that has benefited the Rockville community. Winners were recognized at the Greater Rockville Chamber of Commerce annual Rockstar Awards Gala that draws some 200-300 attendees each year.

See other winners here:

At SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney, as well as our other franchises SERVPRO of Silver Spring North, SERVPRO of Laurel & SERVPRO of Greenbelt NE/Beltsville E, our team members strive day in, day out to provide swift & excellent service and great customer care. Such is reflected in our longstanding 4th ranking out of the 2,000+ SERVPRO franchises across the nation and N. America for garnering the most Google customer reviews. Great thanks to our customers & friends for their trust in us!

Campfires can bring family, friends together; but be safe!

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

campfire This fall season, create memories by having a campfire with family and friends! Be sure to follow safety precautions so that everyone has a good time!

Kids are back in school and Autumn is just a few weeks away after Labor Day weekend. It'll be the perfect time to have a campfire with family or friends. While enjoying spending time in the outdoors with your crew, it’s important to remember campfire safety, especially as dry foliage can be a serious fire hazard.

When leaves catch on fire, irritants are released into the air, which can cause respiratory problems. Additionally, campfires that aren’t properly prepared or maintained can cause huge issues such as burns or out-of-control fires, possibly developing into a forest fires.

Follow these important steps to keep everyone safe before and after the campfire, so that everyone can have a great time:

  1. Selecting your campfire spot: Look for signs and follow rules! If the area has rules prohibiting campfires, find another area, and do not build your campfire in an area with dry and/or hazardous conditions. Watch out for tree branches, and be sure to make your fire at least 15 feet from any shrubs, bushes, trees and tents. Inspect the area, ensuring no flammable items are nearby. Do not build a fire if winds are strong.
  2. Building your pit: If there’s no pit, you can dig your own. This website has great tips, along with pictures, on how to do so:
  3. Building your campfire: For everyone’s safety, it’s always important to gather a bucket of water along with a shovel before starting up the fire. When gathering wood, do not cut a tree or an entire branch. Instead, gather small twigs, and sticks or pieces of wood you find on the ground (or which you purchase). Large pieces of wood should always be stacked upwind, away from the fire. Make sure you don’t collect sticks from an animal’s dwelling space. For specific details on how to position and start your campfire, visit If you’re using matches to start the fire, make sure it’s cold before discarding (into your trash bag, of course). Once you start a fire, it must be monitored at all times. Adult supervision is required at all times. Children and pets must be closely and carefully watched.
  4. Maintaining a fire: Once you are pleased with your campfire, add larger pieces of wood to keep it going steadily, but keep your fire to a manageable size. Do not let it get out of hand. Also, do not burn plastics, cans, or glass, as doing so can result in explosions, shattering, or the release of dangerous fumes.
  5. Extinguishing your fire: If possible, allow firewood to burn to ash. Then, pour water on the fire. All embers must be completely soaked and dead (no red embers). Until the hissing sound stops, keep pouring water on the area. Remember, if it’s too hot to touch, it’s not appropriate to leave. Add more water, dirt, and/or sand until all material is cool.

We hope these campfire tips were helpful and will keep you and your family & friends safe! Enjoy Autumn 2022, from your friends at SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney and SERVPRO of Silver Spring North.

We are 'Faster to Any Size Disaster' when it comes to commercial fire damage restoration!

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

tall building Our crews recently provided cleanup & restoration services to a local condo building that suffered an electrical fire on its top floors.

Has your commercial property recently experienced a fire?

Whether you manage or own commercial property, you know that fire loss can be extremely devastating. Not only does fire destroy property, furnishings, flooring and much more, but smoke also damages the property, leaving behind soot and strong, fiery odors.

Water damage is an additional loss after a fire. Firefighters must use significant amounts of water to extinguish such a fire. With water damage comes the chance of mold growth. This is why it’s important to have the water completely dried as soon as possible.

Whether you own an office building, shop, car garage, museum, etc., dealing with the aftermath of a fire places a lot of responsibility on you, not to mention the stress. At SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney and SERVPRO of Silver Spring North, our technicians are highly-trained in all the areas aforementioned: fire, water and mold remediation & restoration. Our tried-and-trued process and equipment ensure that your property will be restored and made “Like it never even happened.”

We also realize how stressful losses can be. When choosing SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney and Silver Spring North, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Our crew chiefs communicate very closely with clients to answer any questions they may have.

We also realize you are anxious to return to your business. Lost time is lost revenue. We will make sure your business is up and running as soon as it possibly can be. If your business has experienced a fire, call us 24/7 at 301-340-1313 and we will be there "faster to any size disaster!" 

Let SERVPRO Rockville sanitize your classrooms for peace of mind

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Vacuuming a classroom with desks and chairs Our SERVPRO Rockville-Olney crews clean up water damage from a local school, which affected the hallways & numerous rooms including classrooms.

Most area school students & staff, including those in Montgomery and Prince George's County Public Schools in Maryland, return to class at the end of August. 

For facilities managers, it's still important to make schools, daycares and places where students and faculty & staff will be spending their daytime learning and teaching and interacting with one another safe places.

SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney & SERVPRO of Silver Spring North offer a variety of cleaning services, including fogging, electrostatic disinfectant spraying, and proactive cleaning. We have been helping businesses and residences stay safe and protected throughout the COVID-19 crisis and will continue to do so. Sanitized spaces give everyone a peace of mind.

Our services can be recurring, too! Get scheduled for a one-time cleaning, or make services recurring. To learn more about our services, or to schedule a cleaning, call us today at 301-340-1313!

National Preparedness Month: Be 'Prepared, Not Scared!'

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Prepared logo Be 'Prepared. Not Scared!'

September is National Preparedness Month. This year, calls us to be “Prepared, Not Scared.”

Did you know you can:

  • Download applications on your phone for weather alerts and updates
  • Create a financial plan with consideration of a potential storm or other act of nature
  • Check to see your insurance’s coverage for damages caused by an act of nature
  • Learn more about how to protect your assets, potentially by investing in flood insurance
  • Take a course or independently research about how to ensure safety during a storm or other event

The list could go on as there are endless precautions one can take, in addition to the rapid increase of technology. With that being said, SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney and SERVPRO of Silver Spring North make it easy for clients to be “Prepared, Not Scared,” as we stay up-to-date with the latest procedures and techniques to ensure your home or office is ready to face the potential natural force in its path.  

Waiting for a storm to pass through before asking for help can have disastrous effects on your property and can leave you and your family overwhelmed.

It's important to know that creating a plan and taking preventative measures will impact your safety and your wallet for the better, but sometimes, these emergencies cannot be foreseen. 

Luckily, SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney & Silver Spring North offers 24-hour Emergency Service provided by highly-trained damage specialists who are equipped with stellar knowledge and skill. You can rest assure knowing SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney & Silver Spring North will demonstrate their mastery over acts of nature. You can remain confident as we restore any damages on your property. See our website below for more details.

Please call (301) 340-1313 if you want to plan for an emergency or if you have damage from an emergency that needs to be fixed.  

Summer Storms Can Be Unpredictable – Be prepared!

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

dark, stormy sky Follow these tips to help secure your property for those unexpected storms.

Summer in Rockville, Olney and other parts of Maryland brings lots of sunshine and pleasant warm weather. It also offers a fair share of storms.

The NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) predicts  2022 to have above-average hurricane activity — which would make it the seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season, which runs June 1 to November 30, predicts a 65% chance of an above-normal season, a 25% chance of a near-normal season and a 10% chance of a below-normal season.

Our Maryland region has seen recent storms with heavy rain and strong winds, causing trees and powerlines to fall in some counties including Montgomery & Prince George's counties. Lightning, thunder, flying debris and hail can also occur during these storms.

Just last week our emergency services team responded to a residential loss pertaining to a tree that fell on the side of a townhome during a thunderstorm. Our team tarped the affected area to prevent further damage to the home. This emergency tarping prevented other elements, such as rain and dust, from entering inside the cracks and openings of the siding, which the fallen tree caused.

Here are a few tips to make your property more secure during a storm:

Get your roof and foundation checked out. Are there any cracks in your roof? If so, call a professional to have it repaired ASAP.

Remove any tree branches that pose risk to breaking a window, for example. Getting a tree trimming before the summer storm season begins is a wise idea.

Invest in storm windows.

Bring all patio furniture, grills, etc. indoors before the storm hits.

Tightly secure outdoor items you cannot bring indoors.

Bring potted plants inside until the storm passes over.

If you have a garage, park your vehicle inside it before the storm hits.

If you must evacuate due to the storm, secure and board up windows.

We hope you find these tips helpful and wish you an enjoyable and safe summer!

SERVPRO® of Rockville-Olney – along with our sister franchises SERVPRO® of Silver Spring North, SERVPRO® of Laurel and Greenbelt NE/Beltsville E – is a full-service restoration company that specializes in the cleanup, restoration & reconstruction of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage. We also mitigate mold & mildew, and biohazards from your home or business.

Call us 24/7 at 301-340-1313 and let us help make it "Like it never even happened."

Enjoy the BBQs & Fun, But Be Safe!

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

Yard and trees with a fire in backyard A firework show in our yard may seem fun, but there are many risks and possible fines.

Summer is traditionally known for fireworks, barbeques and picnics – all musts for July Fourth!

While putting on a firework show at your own home may seem fun, there are many risks. If lighting fireworks is not legal in your residential area there could be a large fine. Moreover, keep in mind the potential dangers that could occur as a result of fireworks, such as severe burns, blindness and scars.

Kids should not be near or handling the firecrackers or rockets. Supervise children around fireworks at all times. To avoid the dangers of fireworks, enjoy a public fireworks display conducted by professionals.

If you choose to give your children sparklers, never leave children unattended with these. It is possible to get burned by the tip of the sparkler. Make sure your children do not point the sparklers towards themselves or others. Keep a bucket of water nearby for when your child is finished with the sparkler to ensure that the sparkler is no longer lit.

Take precaution for your pets, too! Leave your pets inside your home so there are no risks. Loud fireworks and unfamiliar places can be scary to pets.

Remember these tips when grilling:

  • Never grill in an enclosed area, as carbon monoxide could be produced.
  • Use caution when using lighter fluid on a barbeque. Do not add fluid to an already-lit fire, as the flame can flash back into the container and explode.
  • Make sure children are away from the grill.

Have fun this summer and stay safe!

Know who to call in the event you have fire or water damage in your home or business. Our emergency response teams at SERVPRO® of Rockville-Olney and Silver Spring North are here 24/7 to help! 301-340-1313.

Follow these tips to prevent a fire

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

grilling steaks over flame Grilling is a major part of backyard gatherings in Summer. Follow these safety tips to avoid a fire.

There's nothing like warm, nice weather that yearns for outdoor fun such as barbecues and cookouts with family, friends and neighbors.

In Montgomery County, MD, we’re able to enjoy certain activities specifically in the summertime, whether it be outdoor cooking, camping or going to fireworks shows. These activities create wonderful summer memories between family and friends.

As you know, fire can spread quite easily in hot, dry air. It spreads more rapidly when wind is present. Our weather in Maryland is often hot, and windy, so it’s important to follow safety precautions. SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney & SERVPRO of Silver Spring North offer the following info to help make those gatherings safe & fun:


  • Instead of lighting your own fireworks, watch a public viewing. Leave the lighting up to the professionals.
  • If you do choose to use fireworks, do not attempt to re-light those that never lit on the first try. Instead, dump them in a bucket of water and properly dispose later.


  • Propane and charcoal grills are to be used outside only.
  • Make sure your grill is well away from you home. Keep it out from under roof edges and keep it away from tree branches, shrubbery, etc.
  • Remove all grease buildup on your grill to avoid a fire.
  • Never leave your grill unattended.
  • Be sure to keep kids and pets away from it.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothes while cooking outside.
  • Do not pour lighter fluid directly onto a lit grill.
  • Make sure the coals from a charcoal grill are completely cool before disposing. Cover the coals with water and mix to ensure they are extinguished.


  • Make sure the park or town you're starting a campfire at allows it before lighting one.
  • Do not build a campfire near dry leaves or around any overhanging tree branches. Clear any vegetation in the area in which you dig your campfire pit in.
  • Do not dig your firepit near your tent.
  • Watch the campfire closely, never leaving it unattended.
  • Always keep lots of water near the campfire site.
  • Once finished, completely extinguish the fire.

We hope these tips help you to enjoy your summer and be safe at the same time! In the unfortunate event you have a fire or water damage situation, call SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney & Silver Spring North at 301-340-1313.

We're open 24/7 and here to help!

We Give Our Customers a Different Level of Clean

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned decals on table Give your customers the high level of clean they expect. SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney can help!

Most businesses and corporations small and large in Maryland have returned to operation at full capacity; while that is great news for all, business owners and patrons are encouraged to continue to take safety measures and common sense when among large gatherings.

And while a large number of our population have received the COVID-19 vaccines & boosters by now, officials have started to see some cases reported, due in large part to the easing of restrictions and the recent Spring Break and now Summer travel. 

Owners and property managers of business shops and larger facilities may consider a professional, deep sanitization to further protect your customers and patrons. Our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program is a defensive cleaning program that gives your business a way forward by providing your employees & customers ongoing safety and assuredness. Our proactive viral pathogen cleaning program will help your business meet a higher standard of clean.

Call SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney today at 301-340-1313 to schedule a free consultation. 

Our Promise: We're Here to Help 365 Days, Every Day!

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Water flooding a home Disasters don't wait. But our crews are here 24/7, 365 days to respond to any property damage emergencies.

Let's be real: Emergencies don’t wait to happen on a day that’s convenient for you. A house fire or an office flood won’t wait until your birthday is over or until Christmas Day comes to an end.

It's why we at SERVPRO of Rockville-Olney and SERVPRO of Silver Spring North have to stand ready for when tragedy strikes, whenever that may be. It doesn’t matter if it’s Easter morning or New Year’s Eve. Life happens, and both the good and the bad come along with it.

At SERVPRO, we want to make sure whatever nature might throw your way, that we are here to help with the cleanup & restoration of your property! Whether it’s water damage, fire damage, storm damage, or an issue with mold, we are ready to help, and “Faster to any size disaster” at that!

That’s why we are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Facing a disaster can be terrifying, and dealing with its effects is very stressful. We hope to diminish some of that stress.

We know the importance of reliability. We are a very trusted and widely known company in Montgomery County, as well as Prince George's County, and have been in business for 43+ years. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on fast response, quality service and excellent customer care!

If you ever face a disaster, day or night, we are here to help, 365 days a year! 301-340-1313.