Commercial Photo Gallery

Power covering room

Fire Suppression System Discharge Covers Interior of Gas Station

The accidental discharge of a fire suppression system covered the floors, shelves, and cases of bottles and food alike inside a gas station. It even made its way inside the refrigerated ares. We stepped in and removed all discharge, as well as ensuring the gas station was now sanitary and back intact. 

Parked vehicles

Faster to Any Size Disaster

When we say we are "Faster to any size disaster," we really mean it! When a fire occurred in a condominium, it was a serious matter! A fleet of our vehicles arrived to scene at once! Look at the sea of green in the parking lot!


Flood in Large Building

A winter storm caused a flooding in a large, commercial building. The waters rose in the basement of the building, causing much damage to their storage areas and to the gym they had on site. Luckily, we were able to arrive quickly, extract the waters, dry the place up, and restore what was damaged!


Restoring a Condominium Building

A local condominium building suffered leaking pipes. We were quick to arrive on the scene. Our air movers injected air flow into wall and ceiling cavities to expedite the drying process. 


Sewage Backup in Olney School

A school in Olney had a serious sewage backup, resulting in the floors of classrooms, bathrooms, and even the gymnasium to be covered in biohazardous waters. We quickly arrived on the scene to take care of the biohazard aspects of the catastrophe as well as to fix all water damage. It's a top priority of ours to keep students and teachers safe!

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage at this Bethesda office building resulted from a cracked sewer pipe that burst during business hours. There were workers in the building, so SERVPRO was called in quickly which allowed us to clean up the water before it caused any extensive damage.